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The Sun Shield Advantage

Protects Aircraft Interiors

97% of radiant heat is reflected, and UV protection prevents cracking and discoloration of aircraft upholstery.

Keeps Cockpits Cooler

Drop cockpit temperatures as much as 68 degrees compared to an unprotected cockpit. Not just components can be damaged by heat. Even the equipment’s face plates and displays can be damaged. The LEDs in the windows will start fading out, white lines will fade out, then you must buy new face plates and cosmetics.

Prevents Heat Related Avionics Failures

Protects sensitive components from heat. Avionics heat related failures begin to occur in temperatures above 131 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius). In the middle of summer in Arizona, cockpit temperatures can reach 170 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius) or higher.

Aircraft Cockpit Security

Complete screen sets are an effective deterrent to common avionics theft. If they can’t see inside, they are less likely to break-in.

Protect your Aircraft interior from the elements

Here’s what the experts say about heat and avionics:

While cold can play havoc with avionics, heat presents a greater threat. “Heat is by far the worst of the two conditions,” said Bob Hasse, Garmin International ’s manager of avionics product support, “Cold generally rectifies itself in very short order.” Says Richard Hopperstad of Honeywell Commercial Aviation Products, who serves on the RTCA advisory board, “Heat is what kills integrated circuits.” The major sources of heat is the sun and the avionics themselves. Old tube-style amplifiers used in previous generations of avionics generated much more total heat than current units, but the way today’s solid-state avionics and electronics are packed and stacked in aircraft makes keeping the cockpit cool is critical. The vertical stack common to many cockpits can create what’s called a chimney effect, with the rising heat potentially cooking circuitry, so reducing outside heat exposure is very important.

Avionic warranties become void if the equipment is operated outside of the parameters it’s certified for. Some of today’s newer avionics have ways to record operational parameters—including the temperatures they’ve been exposed to. If the temperatures are exceeded, the product fails, and it’s returned to the manufacturer as per the warranty, the manufacturer may revoke its warranty coverage.

What makes us even better?


AeroShield’s Sun Shade Details

Easy placed in window with suction cups

Easy Placed With Window

Double Stitching

All Sunscreens are made to order and come standard with our exclusive military grade double layer bubble insulation and added layer of hand rolled Mylar in your choice of highly polished silver or gold exterior finish. Both color choice performs identically, so color is simply a personal preference.

Each set includes a custom fit shade for each window, featuring a durable double stitched border binding, and strategically placed suction cups. The sunscreens are lightweight and easily roll together, securing with an attached strap, then stow in their own fitted and individualized black storage bag.

All Sunscreens are backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and lifetime workmanship warranty. Custom modifications, such as bubble windows, blackout training shades, and baby flannel or camo exterior finish are available upon request. If there is something special you need, just ask, we’re more than willing to work with you to accomplish your goal.

The following colors are available. You can choose between gold and silver

Sun Shields are availability in 1 to 2 weeks or sooner. The addition of logos may add an additional week.

We can customize your Sun Shield Shades with your logo!

Sun Shield can add logos to your sunshades for your plane or helicopter. Numerous sizes and choices are available, with one or two-color logos from $100/pair, and 3 or more color logos from $120/pair, including the print setup fee. CALL or EMAIL US FOR MORE INFORMATION